SPDe8ign Builders offers a wide range of solutions for your construction requirements. Please take time to know our services below and learn how we can assist you in realizing your dream of owning a property or enhancing an existing space.

  • Architectural / Interior Design-Build Construction

    SPDe8ign Builders offers the latest model in the construction business: the design-build approach. As your full-service team, we have the expertise, manpower, and technologies to execute all phases of the building process, from conceptual planning and design down to the final construction of the project. We integrate our architectural and interior design solutions throughout the course of the construction to streamline project delivery and minimize the risks. At SPDe8ign Builders, there will only be a single point of contact so the communication will be swift, more efficient, and consolidated. We also coordinate closely with you to ensure your specifications are followed to the letter and no stone is left unturned for your utmost satisfaction.

  • Interior Fit-out

    We tout our decades of aggregate experience in providing interior fit-out solutions for a broad range of development projects. We have the capabilities to install ceilings, floors, furnishings, and partitions, as well as the expertise to set up electrical and lighting features. From furnishing living rooms, dining halls and bedrooms, to outfitting staircases and toilet & baths, we remain faithful to the blueprint while ensuring that the final composition and outcome of the interiors will be safe, secure, and comfortable for the end-users. SPDe8ign Builders only allows a team of experienced engineers, designers, and skilled workers to deliver the entire interior fit-out of the property, starting from major installations down to the last and minor finishes.

  • Renovation Works

    If you feel your home or a part of it needs a facelift, let SPDe8ign Builders do the job for you. We specialize in rebuilding, remodeling, and renovation of spaces to make them more functional and aesthetically appealing. We do all sorts of interior and exterior alterations and additions, such as repainting, window replacement, roof repairs, and restoration jobs. We are also capable of doing a complete overhaul of living & dining rooms, kitchen, toilet & bath, music room & library, even decks and patios. Being in this business for so many years, we have the right people on the team to provide you with the best interior design solutions. We also have the resources and technologies to translate these solutions into concrete reality. At SPDe8ign Builders, we don’t only strive to give you the best results; we also make sure the whole process will be a fulfilling and stress-free experience for you.

  • Space Planning

    We at SPDe8ign Builders fuse both science and art to provide the most effective space planning services, with your objectives and priorities in mind. Whether the property is a residential, commercial or office space, we painstakingly develop plans and layouts that account for all possible considerations, such as organizational relationships & expansion goals, space allocation demands, furniture & equipment placement, desired circulation pattern & work flow, and building system interfaces. With SPDe8ign Builders, you can expect space planning solutions that comply with all applicable building codes, while anticipating security, privacy, and emergency issues for appropriate planning.

  • Project Management

    When overseeing the construction of your project turns into a daunting and demanding task, call us and we’ll take care of everything. Rest assured that our vast experience in the building business and our combined professional expertise will work for you every step of the way, from obtaining government permits and hiring subcontractors to preparing a construction timeline and ordering the materials. Our team of experts will supervise the entire process on site every day, and update you on project milestones until the structure is completed. As your project manager, we will ensure that due diligence has been made, and industry standards have been observed throughout the project duration. In the end, what we want is to achieve your goals and objectives for the project despite the many constraints that get in the way. With SPDe8ign Builders at the helm, you can sleep soundly at night with an assurance that your investment will be safe and protected.

  • Furniture Design

    For your furniture needs, SPDe8ign Builders gives you a panel of seasoned designers and craftsmen to work on the furniture pieces that will suit your preferred taste, lifestyle, and budget. These talented people have developed an impeccable sense of color, style and proportion, and acquired the necessary skills and experience working with different materials, such as wood, steel, and fabric. Whether it is a residential, office or commercial setting, we will collaborate with you to conceptualize and render the most appropriate designs for tables, desks, sofas, chairs, cabinets, shelves, beds and benches with optimum functionality and durability. Witness how we bring your desired furniture to life and marvel at what art can do for you.

  • 3D Architectural / Interior Visualization

    Our 3D architectural and interior visualization services make use of the latest and top-of-the-line rendering method and online technologies to produce a three-dimensional, photo-realistic model of your project based on the proposed design. The graphic demonstrations will unify the details, allowing you to fully appreciate the design proposal. Specifically, the qualitative composition, spatial differences, color hues, the impact of light & shadows, as well as the texture of elements and materials to be used will be rendered close to their actual and final appearance. With our 3D visualization output, you can easily identify the proposed features that need immediate revision. You are also more able to check if the architectural and interior plans are followed during the construction. At SPDe8ign Builders, you will be working with seasoned 3D designers who are well-versed with graphic technologies. Our advice: expect to be enthralled and mesmerized.

  • Walkthrough / Fly-by Animation

    Whether your purpose is to have a fantastic video marketing presentation for your project or simply to amuse yourself and your loved ones with a photo-realistic virtual tour of your future home, our animation team knows what to do. They have received adequate technical training and worked on a variety of projects to create high-quality architectural walkthroughs and fly-by animations. They are capable of producing first-rate 3D animated computer generated imagery to give you a high-impact video production that will surely allow you to accomplish your marketing or personal agenda. We pay a lot of attention to details, from shapes, color, texture, lighting effects and possible movements, so our architectural walkthroughs and fly-bys will allow you to envisage the proposed design with utmost accuracy and clarity. At SPDe8ign Builders, there is a thin line that separates the real from the virtual. It is carved in stone; the experience will be surreal.

  • Aerial Photography & Videography

    At SPDe8ign Builders, we use state-of-the-art multirotors and multimedia applications to provide aerial photo and video documentation for project site inspection and monitoring. The visual materials will bear comprehensive information on the site’s geographical features, as well as a bird’s eye view of its location and surroundings. The aerial photos and the video recordings of the site will enable your engineers and architects to develop a more suitable plan for your project, while your project managers can keep track of the construction thoroughly and more efficiently with the periodic visual documentation using innovative technologies. The photographic and video materials we provide can also boost due diligence efforts and guide the action plan for obtaining environmental compliance and other government requirements.

  • Multimedia Graphics

    SPDe8ign Builders has a team of artistic individuals who have the technical know how to offer unmatched digital art effects and graphic design services. We create for design printouts that make amazing personal tokens and astounding marketing tools for your company’s products and services. Our profound knowledge of communication allows us to develop outstanding visual solutions that easily connect to your business clients while captivating their fancy to the fullest. From posters, signage and billboards to company logos, brochures and fliers, our creative ideas and artistic skills combined with our expertise in the use of breakthrough technologies will produce the design that will exceed your expectations. With SPDe8ign Builders, your graphic design will surely be a blast.

  • Construction Manpower

    SPDe8ign Builders matches the investments you put into your construction projects with a strong workforce made up of 250 skilled, trustworthy, and physically able men. We have finishing carpenters, painters, masons, tile setters, tinsmiths, fabricators, electricians, and plumbers who have a proven track record in their respective assignments. This is to ensure we deliver nothing less than what you deserve and your project is done according to schedule.