Our portfolio shows a long list of clientele representing different types of properties. Most of the designs for residential projects are drawn from currently architectural themes, from Asian Contemporary to Modern Zen, to regional inspirations, such as Mediterranean and Balinese. The designs for commercial, corporate office, and recreational projects are predominantly modern and forward-looking, but the traditional and the prevalent are seamlessly placed. Despite the common themes and same underlying concepts, each of the projects is unique and distinct as it carries the individual character and preferences of the client. Providing just one, a combination or all of our services, we have completed the service delivery and submitted the documentation files and required outputs for all these projects.

  • Residential

    SPDe8ign Builders has worked on a plethora of residential projects for clients coming from different economic, social, and racial backgrounds. These houses were built, are under construction, or will rise in different locations and milieus, such as exclusive subdivisions, densely populated urban areas, small towns, farm lots, and rural villages. While the design, size, and themes vary among these projects, the budget, requirements, and client specifications also differ a great deal. These peculiarities have broadened and enriched our experience in handling residential projects, giving us the competitive edge in this business.


  • Condominium

    We at SPDe8ign Builders take pride in the numerous residential condominium projects that were entrusted to us over the years. Whether it was a design-only assignment or a design-build project, we saw to it that our clients were satisfied to the tilt. These condominium units are found practically all over Metro Manila; they are amidst the dazzling skyscrapers of Makati, tucked in the historical streets of Manila, or in the rising grandeur of Taguig City. There are also several condominium units in the provinces, such as Cebu and Laguna. The design themes are as multifarious as the clients we served, allowing us to enjoy our job. Indeed, the pleasure is ours.


  • Commercial

    The list of commercial projects we handled flaunts diversity as well as complexity of requirements. These projects are conceived and designed according to their business types, specific locales, applicable building codes and regulations, organizational size, security concerns, and budget limitations. These establishments include restaurants, boutiques, spas, and other retail stores, and they are located inside malls, in separate buildings or within commercial joints.


  • Progress/Actual Photos

    Take a look at the actual pictures to appreciate the effort, talent, and commitment we give for the success and completion of the projects entrusted to us. At SPDe8ign Builders, we value transparency and integrity as much as we honor the trust, confidence and friendship we have established with our clients.


  • 3D Visualization

    Our gallery of proposed 3Ds represents a diverse set of projects in different settings for a host of clients here and abroad. These creative works carry various themes to meet the distinct style and, at times, peculiar artistic inclinations of our clientele.